BeeBee's 365 Challenge

for the little things that make me happy

Day 283: Peanut Butter and Cherry Jam

Oh my word if any other food in this world ceased to exist I’d still be a happy bunny.

Who would have thought that 2 ingredients could create such a happy buzz.

The peanut butter needs to be crunchy yet creamy and the cherry jam needs to be tart and full of fruity lumps.

Not that I’m fussy you understand. I’m just obsessional about getting it right. The vessel to get it to my mouth differs. Either on cheap white sliced bread or seeded toast, even the odd toasted bagel or english muffin. The toppings are consistent.

I can err between cherry jam and raspberry. I always return to my beloved cherry. If I have no bread based mode of pb & cj transport a spoon will suffice.

This obsession could explain many things!

Do you have a favourite something?

Today’s Activity: Watching the fabulous Paul Foot on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

BeeBee x

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Sewerby Hall and Gardens, near Bridlington

Sewerby Hall and Gardens, near Bridlington.

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Day 366: What a Year

I’ve not posted for an awful long time. I didn’t feel I had anything I could write about.

The one thing that has been at the forefront of my mind I am still unable (maybe even unwilling) to talk about. Only because it involves so many other people and even though they won’t read about it on here it wouldn’t be right to talk about it in an open forum.

What I can say is that for now I am one of the lucky ones.

This year I have learned to take pleasure in the little things.

Be kind to those around you and their pleasure comes back around to you.

Re-purposing an item can bring as much joy as making from scratch.

Good things do happen when you least expect them.

The Brothers Thing entertain and aggravate me in equal measures. They’re growing & learning more each day. Yearning for more independence. Thing 1 is now 7 years old Thing 2 is 5, surely they don’t need that much freedom yet.

My marriage is a curious beast.

The number on a scale shouldn’t rule your life. Only you should do that.

Life is too short.

Next year will see me blog more lifestyle, crafty and food based articles. After all it’s quality not quantity.

Happy New Year

BeeBee x

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Days 292 & 293: Switch Over

Today at BeeBee Towers we have switched all our TV, Phone and Broadband services. Oh my. How stressful. I’ve had an evening of phonecalls wondering why things didn’t work, turns out a few boxes hadn’t been ticked on our account.

I also heard that my Christmas dress has been delayed, to well after the party I wanted to wear it to. So I have found a replacement. Nothing like the first one. So there should be a reveal of some description come December.

Activities: Watching The River and catching the first episode of Spy series 2.

BeeBee x

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Day 290 & 291: Fake It Until You Make It

It has been a couple of one of days in a row.

Trying hard now to pull things round, in essence though I am faking it until I make it. So the make up is out of the drawer, the hair is being coiffed not just dragged into a shaggy ponytail. The boys are being booked into activities and other bits and bobs.

Doing those things I should do more often just for me and keeping them for me so I don’t get myself into that downward spiral again.

Activities: Watching British Bake Off yesterday and watching trashy tv on E! today.

BeeBee x

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Day 289: Meal Planning Monday

A quick post today as again I’ve been struck by yet another lurgy. Once again courtesy of Thing 2.

Operation: Christmas was penciled in to start today. Last thing I’ve wanted to do is eat today. Although I have eaten 3 pack of crisps. My bad.

Monday: Fish Fingers & chips for the boys
Tuesday: Fajita chicken & rice
Wednesday: Pasta bake
Thursday: I’m going to call it freezer surprise!
Friday: Takeaway Friday!!!

Today’s Activity: Having a sneaky nap when the boys went to bed.

BeeBee x

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Days 285, 286, 287, 288: Whoops!

I’ve been slacking on the blogging front lately. The want has been there yet the actual doing just hasn’t materialised.

So let’s have a quick catch up…

Day 285 aka Thursday: a busy and long old day. A Beaver day. Lots of games played. Lots of tired peeps sent home.

Day 286 aka Friday – and my belated birthday night out: What can I say? Apart from if you are ever in Beverley on an evening you must go to Akash on Toll Gavel the Chef’s Special Biriyani ruled! Lots of alcohol also flowed, which leads to lack of blog on,

Day 287 or yesterday: slight overkill the night before paired with lack of sleep lead to a poorly morning. Thankfully by afternoon I was well. Alas Thing 2 got struck by the gastro bug again. A day of washing and sick bowls followed. BeeBee Towers also welcomed a new Sky HD box. Later this week we are also transferring our internet connection so hopefully we will have faster speeds and non-dropping connections soon.

Finally, Day 288: Christmas is creeper ever closer. Today the house has its first festive smell as I’ve made our Christmas Cake. The fruit smell is wafting across BeeBee Towers. Almost irresistible. The Husband is already mooching for other cakey goodness.

Well folks that is the last four days in a nutshell. I got all ‘glammed’ up in under 5 mins for shopping. Hair, make up and dressed. Got to love that!

BeeBee x

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Day 284: Prattling On and Watching TV

Fresh Meat – Oregon looks like she’s lost a fight in a habedashary.
True Blood – Tara is a natural vamp and Pam rocks. Not to mention the seething nature of Alcide!
Great British Bake Off – I still need to make macarons and just love petit fours. Mum used to make them at Christmas time.

So that apart from working on my Hallowe’en costume has been my day.

Quiet, unassuming and stollen filled.

Today’s Activity: Getting the first part of my costume sorted!

BeeBee x

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Day 282: Meal Planning Monday

This could be named ‘it happens in threes’.
In the last three weeks, my car got a flat, then yesterday my exhaust decided to lay on the floor rather than be attached to my car and today I discover the catalytic converter needs replacing too. I foresee a couple of frugal months ahead to pull it back in time for Christmas and Thing 1’s birthday.

That in mind I also started the trail to my Christmas Dress for the upcoming party season. Day one hasn’t been great. Also hasn’t been as bad as it could have been.


This week the main meal menu is looking a little like this:
Monday: Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tuesday: Omelette and chips

Wednesday: Chicken Corden Bleu pasta

Thursday: Bacon sandwiches

Friday: I’m finally going for an Indian for my birthday!

Saturday: Tikka Masala


Today’s Activity: Sat making and cutting out seasonal bookmarks.


BeeBee x



Day 281: Bear With Me

There is something about the weekend. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

A weekend is usually full of such promise.

I remember looking forward to a day when I didn’t have to work on a Saturday (until I had children I had worked pretty much every Saturday since I was 12).
Now I wonder what I’m meant to do. We tend to go shopping for food on a Saturday morning, and for some reason that is about it. Housework seems to then be the next thing, but that is a solo job. Apart from that sitting in front of the television seems to be a prime objective for the rest of the household here at BeeBee Towers.

Then Sunday arrives. A day that would be nice if we could sleep in, for this the Brothers Thing have other ideas. Sunday also seems to be the day that my week of insomnia-like behaviour starts.

I have recently tried to stay up later in the vague hope that it will help me fall asleep quicker, and therefore get more actual sleep. Alas, this hasn’t always been the case. Instead I get up earlier on a Sunday than I do during the week. This also means that the peace I crave is shattered almost immediately.

There appears to be an unwritten rule, as soon as Mummy goes downstairs we must go downstairs and continue to make lots of noise. I know I said something similar last week. But hey this is my life and I’m running behind on my writing, reading and knitting!

So today is a day I’d happily have spent cuddled up, with a blanket, book and hot water bottle. Instead I spent it with The Outlaws, and feeling defeated. This can’t last forever. Can it?

Today’s Activity: Watching CSI: Miami with a cuppa.
BeeBee x

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