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Day 262: The Place Where You Live

Do you know your neighbours? Can you name them?

I am lucky that I have known the people on my street, on the whole, for most of my life. I live on the same street that my mother grew up on.

Bumpkinsville has grown a lot in the last 10 years. We used to know everyone in town when I was small. Probably as my maternal family were part of the life blood of the town. Grandad was a Buffalo, who worked closely with the British Legion, Gran was born in a cottage on the High Street and had a finger in most pies, Mum was a Brownie leader, volunteer and pretty much everyone knew and respected her.

As a child it was annoying. There wasn’t anything I could do without it getting back home before I did. To the point where I was doing that whole teenager thing of standing on a street corner, the vicar gave me a lecture to read in church that weekend. Something must have been passed on to me though as I have volunteered for most of my life. Starting with Brownies, I have also worked alongside a Pre-School and now I am also an Assistant Beaver Leader and Grant Coordinator for another charity.

Although I know my neighbours, I don’t really ‘know’ them. Yes I can tell you their names, and for the most part their jobs. But I couldn’t tell you much else other than that. Where did that community thing go?

What I do know is this. If I’ve not seen a weather report that morning, if I look to the left and the washing is out the sky will stay dry and mainly sunny. However, if I look to the right… if their washing is out it will rain. Not a little, proper storm conditions. It’s very odd. It is like they are my very own barometer useful though.

I am not the most domesticated of people, although I do try. This year my garden as run away with me and it looks like triffids are going to attack at any moment and somehow in the space of just one weekend the gremlins have attacked in that after midnight frenzy that they tend to have in the movies.

So between you and me, if I get any unexpected visitors the words leaving my mouth will be ‘please excuse the mess we had an unforeseen gremlin problem’.

Today’s Activity: Grabbing some peace and quiet with Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman, while The Husband is out and the Brothers Thing are in bed

BeeBee x

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