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Day 242

Today saw six of the Daily 7 finished off in record time. A grand total of 30 minutes for 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and the boys’ bedroom.

I still have the main bedroom to finish which is not happening at any speed whatsoever. I should get my head down in there this weekend, unless I find something more interesting to do instead. I am the Queen of Procrastination after all.

In technology-based news I have a new phone being delivered as my charger has fallen apart for the 5th time I think. Somehow I have managed to get my network to buy me out of my current contract (with just 2 months to go). For this I am amazed I don’t manage to get decent deals very often.

I have a renewed love of Pinterest, I’m currently sourcing ideas for packed lunches and other meals, plus crafty bits and bobs.

So keep your eyes peeled there could be some new things coming soon.

Today’s Activity: Chat with a friend.

BeeBee x

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Days 240 & 241

So it was a Bank Holiday Monday yesterday. We spend some of it on the Xbox, most of it watching Top Gear Specials and a bit of it eating American style foods like Ribs, Stuffed Potato Skins & other dips. Very tasty and all got polished off a bit too quickly.

Today, Tuesday, we had Thing 1 at hospital for an ongoing eye appointment. Finally, after two years of going back and forth he has been discharged into the care of a local optician. Now to get Thing 2 to crack on with his speech and that’s both of them out of NHS appointments that take them out of school.

Against my better knowledge I got on the scales today. Not sure how accurate they are. But according to them I now weigh half a lb less than I did when I left SW even though I’m now wearing clothes that were too small when I went. This has put me in a steaming mood this evening.

To detract away I’ve been playing on Pinterest again. Looking for packed lunch recipe ideas.

Activities: Making bbq ribs & visiting the Castle Museum and having a Starbucks today in York.

BeeBee x

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Day 239

A nice quiet day. Loving it, although I seem to have turned into a bottomless pit.

It has been nice though to not be kitchen bound at mealtimes. Got to love a day off.

Tomorrow we are planning a games day on the Xbox mainly. So party food is on the menu. Sticky ribs & chicken, potato skins, dips and tortilla chips. Most excited. How sad am I?

Today’s Activities: Watching my girly tv shows with a coffee!

BeeBee x

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Day 238

Low and behold the weekend has arrived once again. I swear It gets here quicker every week.

Against the odds we all were up far earlier than should be legal on a Saturday, do my shopping trip to Asda was on. The shoes I really wanted were in stock and reduced in price, they were even in a size 9. Now imagine my disappointment when I tried them on to find out they were too big, and there were no size 8s to be seen. So I plumped for an even nicer pair, also in a size 8! Now It this keeps up and isn’t a fluke a whole heap of shoes have just opened up for me.

Another Saturday ritual is curry night and now that the SW rule book has gone I’m now starting to embrace my other cookbooks on the shelf. Tonight step forward Brit Spice  by Manju Malhi. Tonight It has been the turn of Jubliee Curry. A mild coconut curry oozing with flavour.  I didn’t have any coconut milk do subbed some creamed coconut and a splash of milk. I really wish I had taken a picture It was that good. Let me know It your would like me to blog the recipe, either on here on over on BeeBee’s Recipes

Today’s Activity: Watching America’s Best Sandwich

BeeBee x

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Day 237

It’s been another long Day. Thankfully the weekend is now here  and it’s a three  day one at that.

I’m having some bad shoe days. Do far this week I have has two pairs die on me. Guess what I will be looking for at the shops  tomorrow… Now how to get everyone up and out in the morning and pray that they have some nice size 9s in stock – oh the joys of having giant feet.

Although I could stand to lose a few more pairs really and to replace my boots too. There was also a Beaver planning meeting today that I couldn’t go to due to being in the office, the next term of activities sound really good.

Today’s Activities: Eating pizza and chips watching Channel 4’s offerings from Funny Fortnight .

BeeBee x

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Day 236

Another long Thursday is crawling to a close. Just one more left of these for the summer holidays. I’m seriously looking forward to being home before 7pm. However, it won’t be long before Beavers starts up again on a Thursday night.

Phew. I’m going to need a sleep come the weekend.

In other daily news. I’m flabbergasted by the Paul McKenna programme. Right now I am sat with a bar of Galaxy (other milk chocolate bars are available), I’ve had 1 square and the rest is just sat there. In fact I’d even forgot it was there until just now. I am that tired.

Today’s Activity: Catching up with my foodie tv Bake Off and Lorraine Pascale

BeeBee x

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Day 234 & 235

It’s getting tricky finding the time to sit and write at the moment.

I have spent most of the past two days with my head in a book. My review deadline is Friday and looming.
Yesterday I started listening to the Paul McKenna cd for I Can Make You Thin. To try and help in the normal eating, especially in slowing my eating down.

In the art of procrastination (a disease of which I suffer) I bounced between reading the review book, PROMing the bedroom & gawping at the pictures in some recipe books.

Activities: Reading about Slutty Brownies on The Londoner blog and watching Flight of the Conchords “Albie the Racist Dragon” was a particular highlight.

BeeBee x

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Day 233: The Daily 7 Begins

So last night I went to bed at a reasonable time, set my alarm for 5.30am (thought I’d break myself in gently) to start the process of tidying my bedroom.

When the alarm went off I was met with ‘why’s that gone off?’ from The Husband. Didn’t have an answer (far too early for speech) so went back to sleep. Three hours later… I was still in bed. Feeling three times worse than I did when the alarm went off originally. Typical!

So tomorrow I try it again (maybe start at 5.45am this time then The Husband will have already have gotten up).

Anyway, back to the Daily 7. The best bit is on a whole it takes very little time. In total (when house is of a spick and span nature) it takes no more than say 30 mins (not including washing & drying time). It’s just a shame I have so many areas in need of a PROM.

I AM going to tackle the bedroom, little by little starting tomorrow. First off the pile of clothes in the corner of the room will make its way back into the cupboard. Then we’ll see. Baby steps and all that!

I’ve also knocked my post SW rebellion on the head. Back to sensible eating. Normal food in smaller portions. So today I’ve had Sultana Bran & milk, Veg Chill, cheese & toast, fruit scone and quiche with potato salad & tomatoes – followed up with some toast scraped with smooth pb & a banana. Drinks have been water &
Coffee. Not bad. No real cravings. Just the whole picking thing to conquer.

Today’s Activity: Watching Hairy Bikers in Mississippi – mmm peach cobbler

BeeBee x

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Day 232: Slowly, Slowly Catchy Monkey

So I have finally finished the kitchen cleaning. It finally looks livable and usable, a kitchen I can have some fun in.

Now, which room do I hit next. The living room has piles of bumf on most surfaces. That should probably wait until Wednesday after the recycling bin has been collected as at 1st glance there would appear to be lots of paper to say the least.

However, the bedroom… That’s just shocking, I mean hoarder TV show bad. Yet, only at my side, strange that.

Also, this week I put my grazing behind me again for proper meals in my nice clean kitchen. I will also continue with the Daily 7 and attempt this 5am getting up thing.

Today’s Activity: Making potato dolphins with Thing 2 (or potato bake to normal people!)

BeeBee x

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Days 229, 230 & 231: All Got a Bit Much

Things have started to get on top of me again of late.

Spent Thursday night at a Pampered Chef party, and had a tad too much to drink for a ‘school’ night followed by very little sleep and an early start in the office too.

So Friday passed in somewhat of a blur, powered by Kit Kat Chunky & Dr Pepper (not to mention some other bits & bobs). Early sleep was required I can tell you.

Friday also was the conception point for decluttering. This house is far too full. So I’ve been trawling the internet for tips. I always love Stephanie is Totally Together like her book and website says. It’s about organisation. She believes in the Daily 7. Seven jobs that need to be done every day to keep the house ticking over & spick ‘n’ span. Also, PROM (which stands for Purge, Remove, Organise, Maintain).

So now it’s Saturday and the Purging has begun (one room at a time as suggested). In the kitchen, I’m 2/3rds done now. And it’s taken the best part of 5 hours.

Tomorrow there will be more of the same. I’m not sure if I can rock the suggested 5am starts though (would be useful though).

Activities: Pampered Chef Party, watching Hairy Bikers do dieting while eating a chinese and sitting with a Toffee Apple cider after a session in the kitchen.

BeeBee x

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