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Day 278: Mustache Mug 2: A #PinAddict Post

Last month I made a Mustache mug using a process that I found on @Pinterest.
This time I tried the same idea, but using porcelain pens.

I found mine on Baker Ross 






So this time I took my clean dry mug and attached my
mustache template.  Make sure that you try and
colour in the middle as evenly as possible. Keep a
damp piece of kitchen roll nearby to tidy up the edges
before the ink dries.

   Carefully remove the template (if you’re using one
that is. I had to tidy up the edges slightly as it bled a
little. Then as per instructions left it to dry for 5
hours.  Baked for 90mins at 200c and left to cool in
the oven.


Again, I put my freshly baked mug through the dishwasher to test the fastness of the print.





Me and my ‘tache mug! A fab make. Love this so much! Now what to tackle next off @pinterest for the PinAddicts Challenge?
21-Day Challenge: Still teetering on the edge. I could be better, I could be a whole lot worse.

Today’s Activity: Managing to negotiate a deal with the people at sky without panicking and handing the phone to The Husband.

BeeBee x





Day 271: Faux-Febreze – A #PinAddict Post

As regular readers will know I live in a house surrounded by men. I’ve started to dread that point of the day when I go to the bathroom to clean.

I don’t care what they say, boys just can’t aim… no that’s not quite right. My boys do aim, just not at the toilet. The carpet, pelmet, washing machine… no really that has happened recently, not to mention the lack of flushing. So I have an uphill battle keeping on top of this.

I can’t even count the number of Febreze bottles I have gone through in the last 6 years, and do you know what? I don’t even like the smell.

This is a quick, easy and much cheaper alternative. I used some fabric softener from Tesco, and some bicarbonate of soda which is past it’s best before that I keep for cleaning.

If you still have an empty spray bottle I’d use that, this is one I’ve had for a few years. I topped up the bottle to the top of the widest part with warm water.

I can vouch that this works. And definitely smells much fresher.

I have also used this on the duvet that has been in storage for the summer, hung it on the line, sprayed quite liberally (but not enough to drench it) and left outside to dry. I now have a fresh smelling duvet ready to go on my bed for tonight.

21-Day Challenge: Fell off the horse somewhat. Could have been worse. Should have been much better.

Today’s Activity: Snuggling under my freshly laundered blankets with a hot water bottle.

BeeBee x

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