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Day 60: Leap Day

I managed to complete 5k on the tread today in 52min 48.

Today’s Activity: getting off the treadmill.

BeeBee x

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Day 59: Run, BeeBee, Run

I think it’s fair to say that when I’m down I tend to let things around the house slip.

I don’t however ‘get’ how I’m supposed to fit everything in before teatime. And I’m not about to give up my evenings or I’d never get the fun (and other not so fun stuff done).

Things have gotten slightly out of control and now The Husband has requested ‘I do something’ about the wool situation in the front room.

After spending yesterday evening and night making pompoms for what can only as a craft attack for the Beavers.

Today I also turned my thoughts to March 25th and the Comic Relief 3 mile run I have signed myself up for.

I got my running shoes on and hit the treadmill. The dawning realisation hit that I’ve lost my stamina over the winter. I can walk for as long as I need but running for me is something else. I run at a similar pace to what I walk (at time even slower). I don’t want to feel embarrassed by my times either.

I know that I should be proud that I can run and finish, all I can think is that I’ll be last. I hate the idea of being bad at something. Of failing. That my size is in anyway a limitation on what I can achieve.

Physically, at my size running isn’t a natural sport to compete at. Mainly why I chose it, and after an injury I had at school I was told I would never be able to run again.

It is also the best form of exercise, along with walking, for fat burning. It utilises pretty much every muscle in your body, I’ve often felt the aches and pains in my ribs & obliques (not sure what this says about my running style more than anything else).

Right now I’m running at a pace of 1k in 10 mins. So I just hope I can improve.

Diet hit the wall today as we had some shocking family news.

Today’s Activities:
Simply sitting and drinking a coffee in peace while the Brothers Thing scootered outside.


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Day 58: Pavarotti Spice Girls

Today has been a strange old day. Mainly marred by my own fretting over what those scales were going to say this evening.

It’s incredulous just how much hope & self worth rests on that split second that you are stood on those scales.

Also the connection that you make with people over social networking sites is immense. I’d never have got through today without my SW Twitterati girlies today. For them I am grateful. That and the other people & opportunities Twitter has brought my way.

It very much is the ideal platform for me. A person who pretty much shouts ‘oi you look at me’ then in a split second ‘what you looking at me for, I’m shy’. This is why I stopped the comedy. I don’t have the drive or will to be in the public eye… That and I wasn’t mainstream – or funny.

Now I get to write and not be seen. I get my byline and not have to drink copious amounts before talking of copulating bunnies, 12-bore shotguns & Pavarotti Spice Girls, it was/is a warped world in my head.

Todays Activities: Watching the lovely Mike Smith sell a solar-powered gnome, watching the scale go down, seeing the Brothers Thing respond to others with thoughtfulness even though they were tired and had never seen them before.

BeeBee x

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Day 57: Rainbow Days

Today I got the chance to act the loon at a birthday party. Lots of music and jumping around. Which also called for lots of make up and brightly coloured clothes.

If I’m acting a loon I think it helps to look like you are mentally deranged. Also you seem to get a better reaction off the kids.

What I’ve learnt from today. I need tailoring lessons to sort out my clown sized cropped trews and that the Brothers Thing are obsessed by wires and being behind the speakers.

Today’s Activities: larking about at a kid’s party, eating chocolate and watching Doctor Who (well Matt Smith) on Top Gear!

BeeBee x

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Day 56

Today’s Activities: Painting my nails, baking with the Brothers Thing and watching The Big Bang Theory.

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Day 55: Friday

Today is feeling a bit like a rollercoaster. The tense knot in your stomach as you climb to the top, the terror as you teeter on the edge and the exhilaration as you hurtle to the bottom again.

I’ve had some fantastic highs today. Right now I’m in a lull. I’d hoped to have avoided it by putting in some time on the treadmill. Alas it didn’t do the trick.

Today’s Activities: Talking to a twitter pal who always makes me smile. I also get to watch New Girl and the new series opener of Benidorm.

BeeBee x

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Day 54: York’s National Railway Museum

Today has pretty much been one big smile, at least during daylight hours, this evening has been a swirling whirlwind of reading & critique against the clock.

This morning I created pack ups from days gone by, beef paste & jam sandwiches with fruit & other sugary goodies and took myself and the Brothers Thing to the Railway Museum.

First mission of the day: get to York. My word they chose bad times to do roadworks around here. A 25 minute drive (and as off-peak as I could get it) took 45 minutes to comnplete. Along with questions like ‘why are there signs for reindeer?’ And statements such as ‘Mummy, I like the Hump Hump song now, Daddy doesn’t like coz he’s a boy’ (I’m sure Rizzle Kicks are heartbroken).

Mission 2: Board a bendy bus to get to the museum. Gosh that was a tad touch and go too. We barely scraped getting on a normal coach! But thankfully we got on the bendy one the boys’ hearts were set on.

Mission 3: Getting off at the right stop. Alas, I failed. And we wound up at the wrong stop. Although this meant we did get to see the ‘Wheel of York’. We are all in agreement we don’t want to go on it.

Mission 4: Get to NRM. We got there in pretty good time. Thing 1 was our official tour guide. ‘This is The Rocket, it’s my favourite’ ‘this is a big wheel, it goes round’ and ‘they do huckling here’ got to love a school trip.

Mission 5: Eat our pack ups. We did this is 2 sittings. One watching a film about the Flying Scotsman engine and the rest outside later on.

Mission 6: Buy memorabilia in the shop. On the way to the shop we picked up a stray in the form of The Husband, and then promptly, and literally, walked into Michael Grade – that was my day sorted. Boys armed with some pocket money came home with trains, binoculars, whistles and a torch.

Now it’s all done and dusted for another Half Term. The Husband has them tomorrow as I’ll be office bound and after today’s exceedingly mild temperatures I’ve slapped on my 1st coat of fake tan! Let watch those streaks develop!

Today’s activities: pretty much all made me smile. Especially having a door held for me by Sir Michael Grade!!! Wowzers. 🙂

BeeBee x

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Day 53: Highs and Lows

The thing with feeling the lows. You have to try and remember that they can be followed by the most incredible highs.

Today has been such a day. For some reason I have been on a jumpy high. Excitable and chatty.

Is it because I had a good result on the scales? Or maybe perhaps that I took some time out from the daily grind that helped. What about the 30min walk I did on the treadmill last night?

Who knows? Whatever it is I’m going to run with it. The office was fun (if that is the correct term) and informative (I had a successful appraisal I there’s a first!)

Even remembered to collect the children from my sister-in-laws. I don’t which is the most tired from the sleepover.

Tomorrow we should be heading for the Railway Museum.

Today’s activities: Got to work and found 2 books awaiting my reviewing skills. Collecting the Brothers Thing after a night away.

BeeBee x

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Day 52

Today’s Activities: Walking around York, watching the Brits and basically chilling out.

BeeBee x

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Day 51

Been a busy old day.

I removed my head from inside my arse long enough to go to a kids club at a local church. I ran into a few people I’ve not seen in a long time. Jobs really can get in the way of socialising.

Today’s Activities: Watching Bleak Shop of Stuff and Grimm.

BeeBee x

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