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Day 91: Curry Night

Got to love a Saturday night curry. It’s turning into a bit of a BeeBee Tower’s tradition. Tonight it was Balti, paired with steamed lemon & coriander rice and a bottle of lager. Yum. One thing that could make it better is Doctor Who back on the tellybox.

This evening we are making do with Dexter (love this series), The Mentalist (Simon Baker is such eye candy) and Glee (love a bit a camp musicality for this reason I’m also looking forward to Smash on Sky Atlantic). Gosh I’m such a gogglebox fiend.

A request has been made by Thing 1 for a chilli-free curry. So it may be that next week we have our first full on family curry night. Exciting times. Let’s see if they actually will eat the rice!

So in random news for the day: We’ve just had a gritter drive past the house. After 5 days of 20+ degrees.

Today’s Activities: Listening to my happy songs playlist while delivering some letters across my home town. Think I covered about 6 miles! Watching with the Brothers Thing as one of the stick insects shed it’s skin.

BeeBee x

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Day 90: Lists and Lists and Lists

Today is the day I attempt to cram in some meal planning, I’ll be blogging the outcome on Monday.

I had originally decided on next week’s menu, then I saw the weather forecast for next week. Brr. Considering it has been in the high teens and 20s this week. Dipping back down to 7-10 means I’m going to freeze, I’d just got used rocking the vest top/trouser/scarf combo look.

Other things I have noticed today. Doing a longer day in the office (albeit only by 1 extra hour, but hey it’s longer!) I seem to get really really hungry. I have been attempting to gnaw off my own arm. It has led to a few not so good things being consumed on top of the planned good things. We will not panic and know that next time I’ll be doubling up meals at work and home. I’m going to embrace my inner hobbit.

The Easter holidays have arrived too, this is the first time that I haven’t been off at the same time as the Brother’s Thing when they’ve been off school (not including the Bank Holidays of which these are the first ones I’ve had in so long!)

Today’s Activities: Finally watching the BBC1 F1 Highlights package with a nice cuppa char.

BeeBee x


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Day 89: Investiture

Today I became a Scout. Which now completes my set of Baden Powell clubs.

I spent my early years in Brownies, then moved onto Guides, then Young Leaders.

After a break where I also spent time with the Duke of Edinburgh and working with several other charities I have returned to the fold.

What I’m starting to think is I need some extra leadership practice. I find it difficult to stand my own ground and give up far too easily.

Is leadership something you can learn? I truly hope so.

Today’s Activities: Having several coffees with numerous friends. Watching Thing 2’s Easter Bonnet Parade. Being Invested into Scouts.

BeeBee x

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Day 88: Best Thing Since…

I’ve taken to doing things on the spur of the moment this week.

1. I took myself off to do a run solo.
2. Took the Brothers Thing on a ramp down the Wolds Way.
3. Disappeared to the shops post school run (Brothers Thing in tow) to buy parsley & some bread.

Alas, I took it a step too far today with the bread. Now we have 4 loaves of sliced bread at BeeBee Towers. I slightly misjudged The Husband’s route home from work and was staking out the wrong shop.

So I can foresee an activity for tomorrow, finding room in the freezers for 3 loaves of bread.

Today’s Activities: Walking to my car in the glorious sunshine

BeeBee x

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Day 87: Nice Surprises

It has been a day of surprises here at BeeBee Towers.

1. The weather here in Bumpkinsville is still glorious for March (almost ridiculously hot).

2. I have somehow booked the Brothers Thing on a craft day on a day I forgot to take off from work and somehow also forgot I’d need childcare for! Result. They need a pack up but are taken care of for a full day and I don’t have to clean up the paint or glue!

3. I actually lost weight on the scales and not gained for the first time in a month!

4. Thing 1 can ride his bike without stabilisers.


Today’s Activities: Mulling round doing The Grandmother’s errants listening to my happy tunes. Sucking on a cider lolly (the height of sophistication) at the same time as scrolling through the pages of Tastespotting.

BeeBee x

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Day 86: Meal Planning Monday

So I am joining the throngs of people across the blogsphere and Twitter, embracing #mealplanningmonday

This week our evening meals here at BeeBee Tower’s will be consisting of the following:

Pizza Pasta – which we ate tonight (with leftovers)
Parmesan Pasta
Pesto Tricolore with Smoked Sausage and Tomatoes
Slow-cooker Salsa Chicken
Pineapple Ginger Rice Bowl
Texas Cheese Fries

I tend not to plan my lunches, as I’m never sure where exactly I’m going to be. Or if I’m in the office whether I’m going to get a lunch break or not.

We’ve had a lovely day of hot weather here in the Wolds. I even managed to get the Brothers Thing out for a 3-mile walk down the Wolds Way and across the Roman Road in Bumpkinsville.

Today’s Activities: Walking with the boys down the country bridleways and relaxing on the sofa.

BeeBee x


Day 85: Sport Relief Mile

Today I ran 3 miles for Sports Relief in Hull. I have to hold my hands up. I haven’t trained as much as I could have or probably should have.

Yet I got around in (what’s for me) record time. Knocking almost 10mins on my last outing. You have got to love flat running.

I’m also wondering if I was helped along by other people’s pace or the warm up. Usually I run alone, and from cold with stretches at the end. I didn’t get much jip with my knee as I have been since the weight gain either.

So I have found a distance I don’t mind running, now to find a way to reduce my appetite when I’m running and July’s race will be a shoe in.

Today’s Activities: Drinking a coffee watching my fellow runners finish, shopping in Primarni (for me!) And an impromptu bbq for tea. Yum!

BeeBee x

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Day 84: The Sun is Shining

The weather is sweet yeah, Make you want to move your dancing feet yeah

The sky is the most glorious blue today, just makes me want to boogie to this song not quiet the classic Marley version, I have always been more of a disco and mash up fan than anything else.

I really should be outside, but somehow I can’t bring myself to de winterfy my garden quiet yet. There is so much to do and only me that will do it. Including missing fence panels and uprights that just snapped during the snow and winds this winter.

Tomorrow is big race day. I already have nerves. It’s not even a big one. I must finish as I really want a Starbucks tomorrow… that and an official bag holder would be nice. Not practical running with a book in your hand will have to suffer being alone in Starbucks with just Twitter for company. How will they cope?

The Brothers Thing are making their Easter Bonnets today for the School parade on Thursday. It’s a shame that I won’t see Thing 2’s as I have Thing 1 at the Eye Hospital at the same time. I’m gong to have to bribe people for photographs I think.

Today’s Activities: Another night of TV catch up – the joy of being in just 2 nights this week. So curry night, zombies and con-men gone good.

BeeBee x

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Day 83

Some love oik has today driven into my car & knocked off my wing mirror. They also just drove off and left it. Did they not think I’d notice?

Today’s Activities: TV catch up with a takeaway.

BeeBee x

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Day 82

It’s been a local day for local people… We’ll have no trouble here.

Today’s Activities: Finding two bunches of roses for 80p

BeeBee x

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