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Day 31: January Round-Up

It’s hard to believe that January is done and gone for another year.

This month has had its ups and downs. The highs and been tremendous, the lows have dragging its knuckles in the gutter.

Difficult decisions have been made and followed up on.

I’m looking forward to what February will bring. Half term is looming. More crafts to do with the Brothers Thing are in the pipeline.

Getting outside more, although there has been a severe weather warning issued today. So we’ll see if that actually happens or not.

I’ve potted up some bulbs today and am now waiting for some colour to burst in the kitchen.

Today’s activities: Sitting with a mega mugga tea and giant oat & raisin cookie while watching Biggest Loser USA.

BeeBee x

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Day 30: Tooth Fairy Sneak Attack

Today was a scheduled visit to the dentist for The Brothers Thing.

Get inside the surgery and the dentist didn’t need to see her at all. So she sorted out my broken tooth instead. I like to see that as karma saying thank you.

After leaving the dentist’s we did a mini stakeout to find The Husband on his way home from the bus. We then bolted across to the nearest Mucky Dees so the boys could have their promised Happy Meal.

Today’s activities: Watching a Storage Wars marathon with a mugga char. So funny if you haven’t seen it get yourself onto Bio & History over on Sky.

BeeBee x

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Day 29: Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m still feeling chronic. Loud gurgling & groaning noises. I’m also very bloated. Bring into it some ill advised sneezing and it’s safe to say I’m still not right.

It’s time to get back on the eating plan. When I’m not Food Optimising everything else seems to fall apart too. Strange. It’s almost as if the structure of the plan helps with the building blocks of the rest of my daily life.

Planning is key. If I don’t plan my food I seem to become obsessed on all the little things. The more I think about the little things the less I seem to care and the more of the unhealthy stuff I eat. The pieces of pizza, kebabs, burgers slip in. The chocolate goes in mindlessly. The syns don’t get counted, the less accountable I feel the worse it gets and the lower I feel.

I don’t regret anything I eat, there is always a reason behind it. And as a person who is constantly battling the re-emergence of an eating disorder. I’m determined that my children will never have the issues around food that I have. Pretty much the only way I can ensure that is for them to not here me talk about foods being bad or evil. All foods are to be involved in our lives. This is why I tend not to err on the side of the low-syn versions and have the real thing.

When I do this I tend not to wobble or feel hard done by. But, as soon as I feel unwell, stressed or overly tired it is the 1st thing that goes out of the window.

Not sleeping does have its advantages I got to watch two episodes of Pan-Am. I frequently sit mesmerised by the wardrobe and hairstyles. Not to mention the sub-plots and the drop-dead gorgeous gentlemen written in each week (not to mention all the pilots in uniform).

Today’s activities: Finding a A4 lever arch file in the colour I wanted (I know!) And some variegated wool for making pompoms with the boys during half term.

BeeBee x

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Day 28: Sick Bed

I’m not good at being poorly. What I’m even worse at is being tired. So when the two occur at the same time, I wouldn’t want to be near me.

Rudely awoken at 3am for some parental duties I couldn’t get back to sleep. So took to watching iplayer on my phone.

Shame on me I’d forgotten that the re-launched Room 101 was on last night. I adore Sarah Millican and her naughty sense of humour. She plays so ‘nice’ on the panel shows, her stand-up performances are filthy in comparison. Not a fan of Gabby Logan normally I was also impressed by the sports presenter.

101 was over in a flash and after some blind stumbling over the site I found We’ll Take Manhattan the story of the love affair between 1960s supermodel Jean Shrimpton (Karen Gillan) and iconic photographer David Bailey (Aneurin Barnard). Took a little bit to get past Gillan not being Amelia ‘Amy’ Pond and the hope that The Doctor might pop up from around the corner at some point. I was impressed.

Beautifully shot, the mis en scene appeared spot on. The introduction of Bailey as a photographer’s assistant and the previous upper class models and photo posing by numbers.

The part that appealed to me was Bailey standing for what he believed in even though it flew against everything that Vogue stood for back then. The partnership with Shrimpton definately set the course for modern fashion photography.

It is programming like this that makes me sad that the BBC rely so heavily of reality programming and classic repeats. Check out the BBC4 film while you can on

Today’s activities: Comfort food eaten from a bowl with a big spoon under a blanket.

BeeBee x

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Day 27: Outstanding Achievements

Today was the Brothers Thing School’s Outstanding Achievement celebration day. A recent Ofsted inspection has deemed that the school is one of the top 4% in the country.

So to celebrate the school opened it’s door to parents to go in and play in their children’s classes and organised for the kid’s to have turns on a bouncy castle. Great fun.

Recently, at BeeBee Towers we have been concentrating on speech patterns with Thing 2. He has some pronunciation issues. However, he has taken to parrot-style repetition of stories. Oddly his words are now sounding more whole.

Today’s activities: Making a fan at school with Thing 2 and making Chinese paper lanterns with the Brothers Thing. Opening my Beaver’s uniform that came in today’s post.


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Day 26: New Doors and Opportunities

Today’s a late post.

Had a few bits and pieces on. A planning meeting for the Little Bs, a book review to write and some other odds and ends.

I sat this afternoon drawing and cutting out pompom templates… And gave one a trial run. To decide it’s just too big. So back to the drawing board & mark 2 seems to have hit the spot.

I found out today that I’ve been cleared by CRB so will shortly be a warrant holding Leader.

However, while getting a cuppa I managed to break a tooth on a chocolate digestive! What’s that about? I hate teeth. Hate, hate, hate them.

Today’s activities: Chuckling along with Noel Fielding’s new programme Luxury Comedy. So good!

BeeBee x

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Day 25: End of an Era

It’s been a tough day. I’ve been battling a stomach bug along with a shift in the office, and left behind something that has been a large part of my life for 6 years.

I have been so proud to have been a part of my children’s pre-school. I have made wonderful friends and learnt that I have a strength I didn’t know I had. I have also learnt that I can’t please everyone and you don’t have to like everyone.

A tough decision, but also opens the way for a new chapter of my life with the Scouting Association. I am now an Assistant Beaver Leader (CRB pending). Tomorrow I have my 1st planning meeting, I’m almost excited. I love being more hands on than admin alone allows.

Today’s activities: Knowing that I’ve made a difference to people’s lives. Albeit in a very small way. And knowing that my friends have my back when I need them.

BeeBee x

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Day 24

Having one of those feet not touching the floor kind of days.

Had a good result at WI, now need to get my head down and finish this book in time for deadline.

Today’s Activities: Watching Biggest Loser US & UK with a Double Choc Chunky Kit Kat for company.

BeeBee x

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Day 23: When the Going Gets Tough… The Tough Take a Shower

Life is still pretty lurgified her at BeeBee Towers.

After running around in circles getting. everything sorted before work, I managed to forget to eat breakfast… Not normal behaviour, I rarely forget to do anything where food is concerned!

The Brothers Thing took their masks to school and had a mini chinese banquet for their school dinners. Thing 2 even got a fortune cookie in class this afternoon. ‘With a message and everything’ he proudly told me.

Then home time arrived, Things 1 and 2 were both in let’s shoot each other with our laser guns. At this point, I headed north and took a shower and wash my hair.

I’m still feeling very sorry for myself, and WI is tomorrow – who knows what them scales are going to say.  

Today’s Activities: Watched 30 Minutes or Less, disappeared for a shower – boy did I need that escape!

BeeBee x

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Day 22: The Lurgy Has Landed

Right now in BeeBee Towers 3 out of 4 of us have currently got one lurgy or another. It’s not a pretty sight, but life moves on.

Being ill makes me mardy and melancholy. I tend not to want to get dressed, go out, or even cook proper meals – let alone go a visiting. Yet this is what we did today. Off we went to the Outlaws.

The excitement was obviously too much (or just his cold starting to leave his body) when in the first shop we visited Thing 2 was more than a little bit sick all over the floor, amusingly – for me at least – right next to the mops. So that was a stunning start to the day. We quickly (well, eventually staff were like gold dust today and I wasn’t about to just abandon the mess) got around the shop, then made our way to Aldi which has to be one of my most favourite shops, picked up a packet of Beetroot seeds for this year’s veggie patch – I still have my eye open for a golden variety, not that I’ve ever grown them before but I just fancy it.

After lunch a quick trip into Selby was called for as replacement lunchboxes were required for The Brothers Thing and found some amazing skeleton gloves for them, and a second hand Kerplunk! I never had the game as a child and can’t wait to play it with the boys.

It’s back to the grindstone tomorrow, then WI the next day and so on. It’s all horribly familiar at times.

Today’s Activities: When I found Kerplunk at a charity shop. Realising that my cold and flu medication actually works, and spending the evening on the sofa in my exceedingly cosy sweats.


BeeBee x

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