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Day 121: Meal Planning Monday

This post seems to be coming round quicker and quicker every week.

I have a just one new recipe this week premièring on Thursday

Saturday: Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Sunday: Cheese toasties and chips

Monday: Egg, Chips and Beans

Tuesday: Roast Pork Dinner

Wednesday: Easy Cheesy Spaghetti (This is becoming somewhat of a weekly component)

Thursday: Stove-top Buffalo Chicken Lasagne

Friday: The Husband’s Takeaway Choice

Today’s Activities: Went for a run around the block and hit a good stride early on and randomly eating tea with the Brothers Thing was a riot!

BeeBee x

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Day 120: Drip, Drip, Drip

How much more rain can fall? I mean realistically. Today in the East Riding we reportedly have had a month’s worth of rainfall.

It feels like I should grow gills. As well as a host of other things.

I’m still battling with my inner demons. I’m tired of not seeing what I want to see in the mirror. I’m tired of not looking like I belong. The clothes that I want to wear aren’t what is available for me to wear.

The introduction of Yours and Simply Be has made life that bit easier clothing wise, but they’re not what I want to wear. The more I look for inspiration the less I find and the longer I look the worse I feel about it all.

Every meal is a struggle, which is why the Meal Planning Monday is useful as it means half my week is already arranged.

I also know that no one can do this apart from me.

Today’s Activities: Making 2 original Herman recipes & them working 🙂

BeeBee x

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Day 119: A Good Night’s Sleep

Last night I had one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.

I don’t know if it was due to having very little sleep for a few weeks had caught up with me or that I found yesterday just too emotionally draining.

Either way everything seemed so much easier this morning.

Today’s Activities: Watching Youtube clips while in the bath.

BeeBee x

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Day 118: Waiting

Today can only be described as one of those days. I’m still feeling conflicted between what I want and what I should do.

No clarity comes from thinking about it.

The boys have been in bed since 5.30pm. They’re still awake at 8.30pm. Shattered when they went up, it’s now getting distressing. The Husband is up there with them. I’m on the sofa having polished off the best part of 53 syns in 20 mins. To say I feel ill is an understatement.

To not be able to be control of an outcome tears me apart. I can’t just let it go and it eats at me until I snap. And it usually goes one of two ways. I either get angry & shouty or sullen & introverted. Guess where I am right now.

Today’s Activities: Mending the boot of my car on my own.

BeeBee x

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Day 117: Biting One’s Tongue

It’s a strange old world we live in. A single word spoken or typed can be heard across the world in a matter of seconds.

Words are very powerful things. Utter one misplaced stanza and all manner of problems can occur.

They can hurt without even being said to you. People live their lives on the internet. Putting everything out there for others to see. Not keeping anything back just for them.

Willingly sharing the good, the bad, things that maybe shouldn’t go public. It also seems to be that being civil and holding your tongue as ceased to exist. Talking face to face or attempting to make new friends in the flesh.

Yes the internet is fabulous. It gives you all manner of information whenever & wherever you could want it, the social networking apps however look to be making the world into a place I’m growing less keen on.

Why can’t we all be straight forward and stop playing these games?

BeeBee’s Activities: Making Cherry & Almond Scones

BeeBee x

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Day 116: Click, Click, Click

It’s been an evening attached to my knitting needles. After a few goes last night I finally conquered the celtic plait cabling pattern.

Most exciting. I also have a new risotto recipe. Bacon, egg & blue cheese. So good! I’ll be blogging that to BeeBee’s Recipes tomorrow (hopefully).

Other things I’m noticing about myself of late, I like the quiet life and tend to agree to things just to make them go away. I’m starting to not like this bit about myself, and find standing up to certain people really difficult. I tend to get het up & defensive or just sound offensive. What to do about this I don’t know. It’s not like when you’re at school and you can tell teacher than you are being bullied. I can foresee me getting railroaded into something I don’t want to do or don’t believe is right. What do I do?

Today’s Activities: Finishing my celtic plait – so proud.

BeeBee x

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Day 115: Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

Today I did one of those stupid things that I am prone to & should know better. I spread myself far too thin. At one point I was supposed to be in 3 places at the same time.


Somehow, and I’m not sure how, I managed to get SW and The Grandmother sorted. Then I let myself down at lunch when I decided that I wanted a ham sandwich. Yet, we had no real ham, so a wander to the butcher, followed by the urge for a boiled egg in there and then made coleslaw. What was that about? Very nice it was, if not slightly tricky to eat.

Today’s Activities: Losing 3.5lb this week & watching CSI: Vegas (I’m loving the addition of Ted Danson)

BeeBee x

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Day 114: Meal Planning Monday

It’s been a busy old day. Operating on an extreme lack of sleep, I’m just not settling on a night at the moment. Not got a clue why though.

As has become routine this is my Meal Planning Monday spot. Half the week is pretty much gone now, and again I have forgotten to take a photo of today’s offering. This salsa chicken is hard to pin down.

Saturday: Chicken Balti

Sunday: Omelette and Chips

Monday: Salsa Chicken and rice

Tuesday: Easy parmesan spaghetti

Wednesday: Bacon & Egg Risotto

Thursday: Burger & chips

Friday: Chinese takeaway


You can find more Meal Planning Monday posts over on Mrs M’s blog.


Tonight I’m straight back to a bit of planning for Beavers again, I hope to finish a mug hug I’ve started this weekend too.

Today’s Activities: Watching the kid’s wolf their tea without argument, and doing some badge admin always makes me happy.

BeeBee x

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Day 113: When the Saints

Today was my first official outing as a Beaver Leader on the St Georges Day March.

Not only is St George the patron saint of England (even though he never stepped foot inside the country) he is also the patron saint of scouts.

Lord Baden Powell chose George for the role due to his qualities:

Devotion to duty
A brave heart
A noble spirit
Dedication to helping others

All qualities that he hoped would be held dear within the scouting movement.

This is also what I want for my boys, and the qualities that Mum imparted to me also.

Today’s Activities: Parade with the Beavers, running into a friend of my mother’s from 20+ years ago.

BeeBee x

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Day 112: Short and Sweet

It’s a short post today, not because I’m without words, more because I’ve managed to cut part of my index finger off, so typing is rather painful.

I am however happy to announce that this is the 2nd time in a week I’ve cut mysel and for the 2nd time this week I have managed to not pass out! Result!

Today’s Activities: Finding Almond Milk and Hazelnut Milk in the local shop, and watching the latest episodes of Big Bang Theory.

BeeBee x

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