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Day 182

It’s been a day of getting other people’s husbands doing jobs for me. We now have a blind in the Brothers Thing’s room and my new car radio has been fitted in Aubrey. Good stuff. Now I have been dragged into the 21st Century and finally have a cd player in my car. (Is it bad that I’m rather excited by this?)

I also got something today I’ve been after for a while? A pencil make up brush to help with the whole smokey eye look. So guess what I will be testing out in the morning.

Today’s Activity: Finishing off the Idiot Abroad 2 with a can of chilled IPA.

BeeBee x

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Day 181

I really cannot wait for the boys’ window situation to be sorted. I was never built for 4am wake up calls. It is all of 5pm and I am sat a broken woman.

So far as well as being almost late for work, I have attempted to plan next week’s meals and consequently tomorrow’s shopping list. For some reason the ‘it’s Friday hunger’ has reared its ugly head. So I’m attempting to not raid the kitchen in advance of Takeaway Friday’s tea. All today’s syns have been saved for this meal today – so it had better be good.

Today’s Activity: Watching even more Idiot Abroad 2!

BeeBee x

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Day 180: Tea and Sympathy

Along with one of my less normal friends I have started having a little coffee morning down the street. Today we drank a pot of tea between us which in context isn’t totally us as we are confirmed coffee pots. We also tasted the world’s worst carrot cake.

I’m starting to enjoy our regular chats. It’s almost a shame that she goes back into full time work in September.

There are times when I wish I could go back to the office full time again, then I get practical. Childcare is tough enough for just one day a week in the school holidays.

We’ve already decided to move these chats to an evening setting.

For some reason I am sat thinking over what I look like. What would be different if I was a barbie type. Usually it isn’t something that on a whole worries me. I’ve always been fairly happy in my own skin. I’ve never wanted to look like anyone else, but today for some reason I do. I don’t who I want to look like but I’m fed up of looking like me.

Today’s Activities: doing French tips on my nails.

BeeBee x

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Day 179: Pink Eye

Now I understand why in America they refer to conjunctivitis as pink eye. Seriously I have one eye a completely different colour to the other. What’s that all about?

I’m still on plan. Not wavering yet I think the mix of Tweeting, Facebooking and more recently Youtubing is keeping me on track. Alongside my upcoming holiday and birthday too.

I’m still following Success Express at the moment. So far I haven’t found it overly strict. I still get my syns, along with two healthy a options and 2 healthy b options (which have been a god send). I have discovered a love for sultana bran with hot milk I’ve eaten it everyday for breakfast for nearly two weeks. Makes a change from my chicken omelettes and a whole lot quicker!

Now I’m going to take my achy red eye off to bed.

Today’s Activity: Watching Eureka

BeeBee x

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Day 178: Sports Day

Today was the Brothers Thing’s school sports day.

Due to this year’s Olympics the school chose to follow suit with an Olympic theme. The boys were in Team India and got to go round a circuit of games including hockey and ‘javelin’ throwing.

There was no competition just teamwork and relays. I loved watching them all smiling and playing hard.

Today’s Activities: Taking lots of photos of the boys this morning.

BeeBee x

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Day 177: Meal Planning Monday

I’ve been a tad unorganised this week. I’m still shattered from a week of broken sleep. And moody to boot!

So here is my Plan for the remainder of the week:

Monday: one tray roast chicken
Tuesday: Easy cheesy pasta
Wednesday: pizza & salad
Thursday: Egg & chips
Takeaway Friday

Today’s Activity: Finding a tripod in the backroom that fits my video camera.

BeeBee x

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Day 176: Out of Whack

Even though I haven’t posted them for the last couple of weeks I have still been planning our main meals for the week.

Yesterday (and Friday night too) I was in a bit of a strop and no one would tell me what they wanted to eat this coming week. So I didn’t plan. Not a sausage or a slice of bacon. Last night we had curry and rice. However, tonight I don’t have a clue what we (The Husband and I) will be having. I don’t like it. Not one bit. I feel like an arm has been cut off.

So, what am I going to do? Find out what is in the freezer then make a plan for the remainder of the week. (I do know that our fridge has 2 extra light soft cheeses and a Garlic & Herb Philly Light lurking in there and a Mattinsons sausage – ooh the possibilities).

To keep from eating the contents of my syn stash I painted my finger nails is a type of pink ombre style. I’m rather impressed even though I had to file them down as they’d got a touch too long for in the office.

So yes, that’s today’s insane ramblings. If there is anything anyone out there (yes I do mean you) want me to write/talk about leave me a message.

Today’s Activity: Watching F1 while filing down my nails.

BeeBee x

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Day 175: It Happens in Threes

Been a stressful couple of days. Since I got for work yesterday, the kettle fused the house, which in turned killed the tumble dryer and now the Brothers Thing have ripped the curtain rail out of the wall (bringing a chunk of wall with it). So we need a new kettle, have a tumble dryer to collect tomorrow & I filled the wall with pollyfilla (other products are available).

However, bedtime occurs. Children don’t stay in bed & suddenly one of them has pulled out everything I packed it with and more besides. Holy moly this house is going to be the death of me I think.

Today’s Activities: Watching Idiot Abroad Series 1 with some Sweet & Salty Popcorn

BeeBee x

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Day 174: The Men Who Made Us Fat

This evening has been a bit of a tellython. Well it was once the boys went to sleep!

Tonight I’ve caught up with Bob’s Burgers, A Town Called Eureka and the second part of BBC2 documentary The Men Who Made Us Fat.

This this particular episode Jacques Peretti investigates the introduction of Supersizing food portions from it’s inception in 1972 at a Chicago cinema then through fast food and into the onslaught of sweets and chocolate being advertised widely.

It has there has also been found a link to child obesity and lack of exercise. However, strangely it would appear that the lack of exercise only actually occurs after the obesity has set in and isn’t the nucleus.

So the message is. Just because it’s there it doesn’t mean we have to eat it. We just need to exact our own portion control. This isn’t easy as we were brought up by baby boomers. Who were ‘fed’ up by parent who had lived through rationing during the War. They fed larger portions to their kids, which happened to us and now we are doing it to our kids, and not always with the healthy stuff either.

We need to get educated and take responsibility.

Today’s Activities: Watching @emilynoel83 doing her coffee dance on youtube!

BeeBee x

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Day 173:

It’s been one of THOSE days.

Been on track food wise, however my arse has barely touched a chair all day. Boy have I missed my sofa.

It has been a day of appointments, Speech Therapy for Thing 2 (he’s now starting to get a lovely Polish twang), 2 doctor appointments for myself (on the day when gps were striking) and then my afternoon of defrosting The Grandmother’s freezer topped off with an evening at Beavers.

So I’ve just sat and eaten tea (leftovers from yesterday’s lasagne) and turned on CSI: Vegas and realised that I didn’t actually watch any tv at all yesterday. I tell you what, I didn’t miss it either.

Today’s Activities: Watching Elisabeth Shue make her CSI debut. Love that show!

BeeBee x

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