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Day 152: Jubilations

Since I’ve started on the new medication things are starting to become clearer. I definitely have some horrid habits when I’m in the depths of depression. The house never looks great & I hit apathy about the cleaning of it.

Now I look and see a lack of order. I find order to be important to me. I like to be as laid back as possible, but I also like to have routine & boundaries. Slowly, I’m regaining control. Thanks in part to a long list of bits to be done. Yesterday I tackled the kitchen, today the front room. There is still a way to go, but I will get there (hopefully by Sunday when the Outlaws come to visit).

Today’s Activities: giving myself a Jubilee inspired manicure.

BeeBee x

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Day 151: Integrity

This week in the news it has been reported that 19-year-old Georgia Davis had to be cut free from her home, in Aberdare, South Wales, after the effects of weighing a possible 63 stone took its toll on her body and she collapsed, with extra complications due to her weight.

This isn’t the first time that Georgia’s story has been in the media. She first came to the press’s attention when at just 15 she weighed 30 stone. Georgia was given the opportunity that most overweight people would love to have and went to stay at a ‘fat’ camp in the states. In the process was able to lose 14stone 9lb in just 9 months.

The slippery slope back to morbid obesity began with her first meal after arriving home “When I arrived home my mum said she hadn’t had time to prepare any healthy food, so we had fish and chips instead.” Georgia is on record as saying.

As a parent I find this really heartbreaking, the fact her family and friends are selling her story when, in my opinion, they should be protecting her and as a person with a serious weight problem I find it all so worrying.

There are times when I lay in bed at night and can see a time when I’m too big to do everything I need to.

But who is to blame or is no-one to blame? At some point surely it should have been the parent’s prerogative to say no and to help her make the right decisions.

I know my mother tried, but with hindsight she had her own issues with food and what would have helped would have been emotional support and not having my size drawn attention to.

I still hear the voices of family members in my head telling me that I’m too fat, I shouldn’t eat this, that & the other. I also remember thinking that to lose weight I should totally stop eating.

Thankfully I’m older and slightly wiser. The pattern is starting to rear its head again, this time with Thing 2 – who has already been highlighted as being in the 98th centile and technically obese. This is a child who rarely eats sweets, and has healthy home cooked meals and loves his fruit and vegetables, he also rarely sits still either.

What to do for the best? Pray for him to grow as I help him maintain his weight. He’s 4 (almost 5) and far too young to have to worry about body image. Although today it has been reported that more than half the British public suffers from a negative body image. Children as young as five now worry about their size and appearance, with these in danger of picking up their parents’ body-related anxieties. Appearance has also been pinpointed as the greatest cause of bullying in schools.

Children and adolescents were seen to be more vulnerable to body image concerns however.

Around half of girls and up to one third of boys have dieted to lose weight and children and young people with body image dissatisfaction were less likely to engage in learning and participation in school, the report said.
Parents were identified as one of the main influences on children but by secondary school age, the peer group was seen to become a more important influence.
What I find most interesting from this inquiry it is thought that:

* Getting rid of dieting could wipe out 70% of eating disorders;

* More than 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost;

* 1.6 million people in the UK suffer eating disorders;

* One in three men would sacrifice a year of life to achieve their ideal body;

* One in five people have been victimised because of their weight;

The report made a series of recommendations targeted at policy-makers, healthcare professionals, industry and the education sector designed to change public perceptions, attitudes and behavioural patterns.

It also called for a review of broadcast and editorial codes on reporting body-related issues, a review of the evidence base to support the long term efficacy and safety of diets and a separate code of regulations governing cosmetic surgery advertising.

Central YMCA chief executive Rosi Prescott branded the report’s findings shocking.

“It’s clear that there’s something seriously wrong in society when children as a young as five are worrying about their appearance, based on the messages they are seeing all around them,” she said.

“Body image has become more important in our culture than health, and children are mimicking their parents’ concerns about appearance.

“We all have a responsibility to act now to bring about the attitudinal and behavioural change that’s necessary to prevent damage to future generations.”

Today’s Activities: Overcoming my initial disgust of eating tofu & discovering I actually like it.

BeeBee x

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Day 150: High-Rise Heat

There is something about a hot summer day that makes me miss the city. Yes, the countryside is very pretty and everything, but for me the city comes alive on balmy afternoons and light evenings.

I miss the days-late evening sat in a courtyard or walking down the streets where the windows reflect back oodles of happy summery-clothed pedestrians. I also miss being able to just stop at a coffee bar for a iced latte/smoothies.

I miss the diversity the city has to offer. I don’t miss the craziness of the city though. The way the heat whips up the madness in folk. I don’t miss the crime levels, although they are also sneaking into these rural areas too. Usually just small stuff but it’s getting bigger and much more serious.

I love being so close to prime picnic areas, I don’t like how disassociated the community has begun.

The Diamond Jubilee is next week. I’d love to be part of something bigger, however it’s totally not part of the Husband character. For him he is unaffected by the existence of the monarchy an often by people in general.

I look to find the happy medium as I raise the Brothers Thing, I want that mix of sociability and being happy in their own company. How I’m going to do that I just don’t know.

Today’s Activities: Actually losing weight on the scales this morning and my new perfume arriving.

BeeBee x

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Day 149: Meal Planning Monday

Today I made a break for it with the Brother’s Thing for the East Coast, spent over an hour on Hornsea beach. We took an impromptu picnic consisting of both jam & peanut butter sandwiches, sausage rolls & chocolate chip cookies.

Now for the regular post:

This week’s menu plan looks a bit, well a lot, like this:

Saturday: Golden Star Special with Broccoli, boiled rice & soft noodles
Sunday: BBQ chicken pizza (with wholemeal pitta base) potato salad, minted green salad & roasted veg salad.
Monday: Fried Rice ala Gok Wan
Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday: Jacket Potatoes & salad
Thursday: Ham pasta salad
Friday: Takeaway for me and The Husband, pizza for the Brothers Thing

Today’s Activities: Playing Nerf with the Brothers Thing on the beach.

BeeBee x

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Day 148: Cookery Booktastic

Thing 1 had a birthday party today all bouncy castle & football.

By the end I think he was all bounced out, always a bonus.

I called into the supermarket on the way home, and picked up Gok Cooks Chinese and Lorraine Pascale’s Baking Made Easy. I have already got the fried rice pencilled I for tea tomorrow (meal planning monday spoiler there).

Today’s Activities: Drinking a lime & ginger cooler & checking out my new chinese cook book.

BeeBee x

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Day 147: Sunshine & Paddling Pools

It’s been a glorious weather day again. Everyone here at BeeBee Towers has taken to the garden (or animal-infested jungle may be deemed more appropriate).

We broke out the big pool, which turned out to be a slightly deeper than average paddling pool. Still it housed my giant feet & two splashing Things!

Today’s Activities: Drinking Pimms & soaking my feet in the pool.

BeeBee x

*This should have posted last night*

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Day 146: It’s Not Big & It’s Certainly Not Clever

Sometimes losing weight really sucks. My nice dress doesn’t fit right without the aid of some handy safety pins, my favourite bra no longer filled without the aid of a 2nd bra and being concious of every morsel that passes your lips is pretty much a drag.

Tonight, I’ve eaten a fabulous pasta dish and a huge portion of tiramisu, drunk a bottle of Rose & 3 cherry sours & diet coke (they tasted just like the cherry side of a double dip packet! Genius!)

We have danced in The Beaver & broken the No Dancing policy on the dancefloor in the Cross Keys. And only saw two people I knew outside of our little group. This I call a result.

So basically right now I am drunk blogging. It’s not big, it’s not clever, the spelling & grammar will probably be dreadful, but hey ho it’s been a fantabulous night! Hears to some sleep. Yeah right there is the weekly shop to do in the morning.

Today’s Activities: Going for a meal and a few drinkies with the girls & dancing the night away.

BeeBee x

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Day 145: Letting Go

I’ve had a mixed bag kind of day. Starting when I had to safety pin my dress so it would stay up for the school run.

On that high I went dress hunting. Found nada. I tried 4 items on in the 7 shops I visited. Not one fitted right. There were strange necklines, dodgy shaped cuts, really random angles Rodgers and Rodgers at Matalan: what were you thinking. My god there is some hideous stuff lurking on your shelves this season. I don’t want to look like a scoop of sorbet and get over your love affair with round necks, a v-cut never killed anyone and is actually quite flattering.

The rest of today I have taken out my disappointment & rage on eating food.
Tomorrow is a busy day. Work then a meal out. Still feeling rather weird about the whole thing.

Today’s Activities: Watching House: Swan Song

BeeBee x

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Day 144: Sunshine & Lollipops

It’s still sunny here at BeeBee Towers. It’s shot up to an impressive 25c today. So I’ve ventured out in my newly cropped trousers today, and bought a new top for Friday night’s meal out in Beverley.

Bolstered by my trouser success I will be attempting the same trick on my old jeans, hopefully tomorrow.

Today’s Activity: Giving myself a mini mani and pedi (my fingernail has grown back after my accident).

BeeBee x

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Day 143: Blueberries & Cherries

Tuesdays are always a bit topsy turvy here at BeeBee Towers.

I do the school run, I go off to Slimming World in the next town (today I also bobbed into asda and got some lush blueberries which were reduced and also got a new scarf). I come back grab a quick lunch then go do some jobs for The Grandmother, this is quickly followed by the return leg of the school run & then the daily usuals like cook tea etc.

My word, how hot did it get today? I even broke my legs out in a dress by this afternoon and then spent this evening altering a pair of slightly too short trousers into a pair of crops. I even broke out Beryl the mini sewing machine so I could do a proper job of it.

Now for my SW update, I got my 3 Stone Award certificate this morning after losing 4lb this week (probably was more before curry & naan bread with cider and lunch at The Outlaw’s on Sunday!). Still I’m not arguing. Last time I had gastric flu I gained 10lbs in a week.

Here’s to the next week, and to finally eating less bland foods & increasing overall consumption.

Today’s Activities: Buying a cherry printed scarf off my friend’s first market stall.

BeeBee x

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