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for the little things that make me happy

Day 212: Fatherland

So after a short drive of 5ish hours and some choice weather the Brothers Thing and I have landed in the Fatherland.

I’m so impressed with them. They handled the drive beautifully and are mingling fabulously with people they’ve never met before.

We briefly Skyped with The Husband.

So far the only downsides… I’ve left my glasses in Bumpkinsville and my eye is bloodshot already, and it’s raining.

Today’s Activity: The whole day. Including meeting my Uncle (from Yorkshire) by accident in a services on the Welsh border!

BeeBee x

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Day 210 & 211

Yesterday totally ran away with me. I baked, I packed… again. We shaved the boy’s heads (on a number 3 – we’re not that cruel).

Today I did the Race for Life in Hull. Absolutely glorious weather, maybe not for running. But, for sitting back and relaxing it would have been top.

After pulling a 47min 5k, I headed over to Starbucks, then to Asda to pick up some more clothes for my holiday.

So tomorrow me and the Brothers Thing start out Road Trip to Wales & the Fatherland.

This Weekend’s Activities: Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies & doing today’s Race for Life.

BeeBee x

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Day 209

Getting out last bits & pieces together for the Road Trip to the Fatherland.

Managed to pick up a couple of bargains for the boys & my new technology/kit is waiting for delivery tomorrow. I’ve also managed to sort out skype so the boys can talk to The Husband before bed.

The Olympics has opened today. Wow. The ceremony has been amazing. Will get to see it all again tomorrow!

Today’s Activity: Spending time at the park with The Husband and The Brothers Thing.

BeeBee x

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Day 208: Who’da Thought It?

I’d never have believed you last week if you told me that I’d run out of time to use Twitter, vlog and blog during the Summer Hols.

Usually I’d be chomping at the bit to get online. But now as the Brothers Thing get older their computer time is getting more so. Which I find saddening really. Whatever happened to keeping kids childlike and carefree?

Today’s Activities: Making a vanilla & jam coconut tray bake.

BeeBee x

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Day 207: Piss Up In a Brewery

It’s not often I have a bad word to say about the NHS. But sometimes they don’t half make things hard for themselves.

Today Thing 2 got called in for an eye test. We arrived with plenty of time to spare to find he couldn’t be seen as his referral letter from the School’s Health Visitor had gone missing.

Not too bad. Except it took an hour to find said letter (they got it faxed from an office in Willerby). I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the fact my 1st admin job was in the NHS filing and updating medical records. The appointment could never be made without the referral being seen, never mind that the date was also delayed.

As I was leaving (2 hours later – along with the new he didn’t need glasses) we tried to find out about Thing 2’s next appointment (same department, same people) got no where except to find out that the admin staff no longer can book appointments – or listen to the original question before saying I can’t do anything just wait.

Cripes. It makes me wonder what’s going on in other Departments now.

Today’s Activity: going to see my friend’s baby ‘bubbles’ on her 1st Birthday.

BeeBee x

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Day 206

Gosh the weather aint half changed this week. Here in Bumpkinsville we’re basking in the high 20s & low 30s.

As ever today (Tuesday) was weigh in day. I gain 6lbs. Not good, but could have been a lot worse. I just need to switch that part of my brain back on. Granted as I type this I’m mainlining Maltesers and getting stuck to my leather sofa and sucked into CSI: Vegas.

It’s just 6 sleeps left until the visit to the Fatherland. Eepsickles! This weather had best stick around.

Today’s Activity: Mucking about in the paddling pool with the boys.

BeeBee x

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Day 205: The Husband’s Birthday

The family took to the road this morning. Our tour took us into Hull – the aim… Find holiday clothes for the Brothers Thing, MUA make up for me & a personable attitude for The Husband.

Alas, only two of those things happened. The Husband is full of some germ or other and really stressed to boot. I don’t think he’s looking forward to the Fatherland Road Trip as the boys and I.

Today’s Activity: Coffee & doughnut at Krispy Kreme.

BeeBee x

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Day 204: Happy Drunk

There are times when I like living in a small town. Especially when you can walk to parties.

Thing 2 had his second party in two days. This one had another bouncy castle, but also supplied the remaining parents with free-flowing pitchers of Pimms. They’re a silent sneek upon you type of alcofrollic (hic) drink (especially the way these were made!).

The ‘unseasonal’ (!?!) sun has lead to a mass drinking of the Pimms and a touch of heat stroke & sunburn to boot. It’s just as well I am a happy drunk.

Today’s Activity: Impromptu bbq with my boys (all three of them!)

BeeBee x

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Day 203

Today has been the first day of the Summer Holidays.

The Brothers thing have already been to a party today and there is a second tomorrow for Thing 2.

Then it’s The Husband’s birthday on Monday, SW Tuesday, Hospital on Wednesday (for Thing 2’s first eye test) followed by another party, Thursday is still free, Friday we may take off to the coast if the weather holds.

Then it’s holiday preparation time on Saturday and a 5k run for me on Sunday. I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing 5 hour drive on the 30th.

Fell off plan somewhat today. With good weather comes good wine (and crappy pear & blackberry cider).

Today’s Activity: Watching 21 Jump Street with a bottle of pink.

BeeBee x

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Day 202: Revisiting

Today I thought I’d revisit the reason I started this 365 day challenge (well 366 this year as we leaped in February).

I have a history of depression & anxiety, and a habit of not looking for the good and focusing on the gloom.

Those of you who have read some of my entries before will have seen my Today’s Activity. It’s the main bit. Finding that one thing that makes me smile for at least five minutes.

My belief is that it’s the little things that build up to make the bigger picture. Glittery & sparkly is the way forward. Powered by smiles.

Next week I get to see my father for the first time in two years. We have a varied history between us. I’m staying with an Aunt I’ve not seen in 34ish years and then with a cousin I’ve only seen in photos. It is going to be immense!

Today’s Activities: Glass of wine & a chinese takeaway. Yummy.

BeeBee x

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