BeeBee's 365 Challenge

for the little things that make me happy

Day 273: Never Bake in a Bad Mood

on September 29, 2012

Once again Saturday is here. Once again I am stressed to the hilt again.

This has been a very different week to the one I originally imagined.

Most of it was spend running to and from the bathroom. The rest has been craving sugar.

If I’m poorly I bake, if I’m annoyed I clean. If I’m bored – you don’t want to know what I do when I’m bored.

So today I turned to the kitchen in desperation. I have been hankering after making Chelsea Buns after watching The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday. My kneading has never been my strong point. So they started off with hindrance.
So after 10 mins of kneading I bobbed the dough in the airing cupboard to prove. An hour later, barely any difference. So moved it to an open oven set to warming. A reaction finally occurred.

Then came the rolling out. Oh my word. I have never rolled anything so stubborn. Once filled with fruit & sugar and spice, cut into rounds and moved to the tin (which was far too big & how 16 fits into a rectangle I have no idea). They bake… Heart in mouth I open the oven door and seen overly dark tops. My usually cold running oven ran hot today – about right!
Today’s Activity: Reading the upcoming Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe book by Jenny Colgan.

21-Day Challenge: Another bad bad day 😦

BeeBee x


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