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Day 97: Careful, I’m Thinking…

on April 6, 2012

Everyday I seem to read something new about food manufacturing that doesn’t impress me.

It appears that I’m being harassed by a food intolerance again, this time to something man made that is then added to our foods. Particularly to ‘healthy’ alternatives.

The amount of ingredients that I can’t say or know where it comes from (I’m not talking about chicken and carrots more Xanthan Gum and the like).

It worries me that for every person trying their hardest to be healthy another person is putting meals out there that have more fat and calories in than a person would need in two days.

All these processes and additives to create a meal that can last, and not waste in a few hours, and give it a long shelf life cannot be good for us in the long run.

As a species we have many more illnesses now that our fore-bearers had even as recently as 50 years ago. Before ready meals were common place and people were still active on a day-to-day basis. Yes some people still had weight problems back then, but they also had better constitutions.

I can get fed up of cooking from scratch all the time and see the usefulness of these processed meals. In this day and age I can also tell how reliant we seem to have become on them.

I’m no angel, yes I mainly cook from scratch. I also used ready meals and processed products. Potato waffles, oven chips, chicken nuggets, coated chicken breasts and baked beans. I drink instant coffee, no added sugar cordials and diet cola products. Even though I am aware of the suggested side effects of artificial sweeteners.

I can’t see me living without some of these products. So how do I draw that line. What do I deem safe for me and my family to eat? I live in the real world where I can’t make stock from scratch every time I want to make a soup or chilli, or even to add a bit of flavour to a curry.

I’m taking small baby steps, I am trying to remove oven chips from the kid’s diet first. Which could be tricky as that is pretty much The Husband’s signature dish for them (followed closely by tinned ravioli and hot dog sausages – eek).

In future posts you will probably see me tearing my hair out over this subject, most definitely if I forgo the diet cola and cordial drinks. I have already removed a certain spray oil product from my diet and am feeling better already.

Today’s Activities: When I realised that my improvised lunch was really good! And then rushing to blog it. You can see the ‘recipe’ here.

BeeBee x


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