BeeBee's 365 Challenge

for the little things that make me happy

Day 22: The Lurgy Has Landed

on January 22, 2012

Right now in BeeBee Towers 3 out of 4 of us have currently got one lurgy or another. It’s not a pretty sight, but life moves on.

Being ill makes me mardy and melancholy. I tend not to want to get dressed, go out, or even cook proper meals – let alone go a visiting. Yet this is what we did today. Off we went to the Outlaws.

The excitement was obviously too much (or just his cold starting to leave his body) when in the first shop we visited Thing 2 was more than a little bit sick all over the floor, amusingly – for me at least – right next to the mops. So that was a stunning start to the day. We quickly (well, eventually staff were like gold dust today and I wasn’t about to just abandon the mess) got around the shop, then made our way to Aldi which has to be one of my most favourite shops, picked up a packet of Beetroot seeds for this year’s veggie patch – I still have my eye open for a golden variety, not that I’ve ever grown them before but I just fancy it.

After lunch a quick trip into Selby was called for as replacement lunchboxes were required for The Brothers Thing and found some amazing skeleton gloves for them, and a second hand Kerplunk! I never had the game as a child and can’t wait to play it with the boys.

It’s back to the grindstone tomorrow, then WI the next day and so on. It’s all horribly familiar at times.

Today’s Activities: When I found Kerplunk at a charity shop. Realising that my cold and flu medication actually works, and spending the evening on the sofa in my exceedingly cosy sweats.


BeeBee x


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