BeeBee's 365 Challenge

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Day 21: Choose Your Battles Wisely

on January 21, 2012

We’ve had a week of deliveries here at BeeBee Towers, and at points deliveries haven’t happened. Enter City Link. We’ve been waiting on a new printer here. Ordered on New Year’s Day, it hadn’t arrived. After contacting the company we discovered it had been dispatched.

The Husband looked on City Link’s website to track the parcel. Apparently it had been delivered not once, but twice. Both times one of us had been in the house. Neither time had anyone approached the door, rung the bell or knocked.

However, they did take a lovely photo of our door. To prove this Customer Services told us our mucky upvc door was white.

Now how The Husband’s name hasn’t been sent round to every company’s customer service department I don’t know. As he works in that field he has high expectations, and inside knowledge about complaining. He always gets what he wants and some more besides.

Cut a story shorter, guess what arrived this morning? Yes our new printer! Yey.

I could learn lessons from this man. I tend to care about what others want too much. I empathise with others probably more than is healthy. I can however follow direction and can be sneaky, I’m not proud of the latter but it is useful at times.

It’s been a crafty day here at BeeBee Towers too. The Brothers Thing have made some Chinese Dragon Masks. Check the picture out at the top.

I’ve also formulated a version of a philadelphia recipe too, that can be found over on

Today’s activities: Recipe creating, mask making and having my tweets read out on TV!

BeeBee x


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